Pepper Gel Advantages

Here's what customers are saying about SABRE pepper gel:

  • "This is a tremendous product and the gel allows safer use in confined areas. Perfect." 
  • "The gel stuck like glue and instantly disabled the attacker."
  • "It didn't take much on the guy's face to stop him in his tracks." 
  • "Won't go biking without it!" 
  • "Recommended for your peace of mind."

The Perfect Pepper Gel for You

The Perfect Pepper Gel for You

Leading the industry in pepper gel, SABRE is the only manufacturer to offer the product in keychain size for civilian use.

Other SABRE pepper gel products include models specifically designed for cyclists, runners, homeowners, college students, seniors and more. Keep scrolling to find the perfect pepper gel for you.

We love pepper gel because it helps consumers who are apprehensive about pepper spray feel more comfortable protecting themselves. By reducing airborne particles, pepper gel offers a more approachable way for consumers to stay safe without fear of impacting any innocent parties, including themselves.

— David Nance, CEO/V.P. of Sales & Marketing, SABRE
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