Pepper spray testimonials


It is very intense, which is why it is so effective.

— The Doctors

The quality of this product, compact size, reputation of SABRE, and fact this is made in the USA are all reasons I would recommend this spray.

— Fatima

You have about 5 to 10 seconds of coherence (barely) after contact, and after that, your only concern is pain. Even with my prior experiance, I was completely incapacitated. If I were an earnest attacker, this would deter my attack immediately. 

— riotdawg

Purchased for my mother who's a store owner and is often alone in her shop late at night. It's a perfect fit for her small hand so she feels more secure knowing she has some added self defense protection close by. 

— Dolly

I love this adjustable pepper spray for runners that attaches to your hand and can be easily carried while running.

— Jesica D'avanza, rUnladylike

I had to use this product [...] and it had the man screaming on the floor. Crazy experience but glad I had it handy!!!!

— Delila

Nothing is worth more than having confidence back after a stalker takes it away. This pepper spray fit nicely in my hand and clipped to my belt when I needed it to. It was discreet and I'm sure if it came down to me having to use it, it would have worked wonderfully.

— Katie

Gives me a sense of security in my first floor apartment. Highly recommend to every citizen.

— Dave

This is easy to dispense and easy to keep hidden. It's comfortable to have in your hand while out, but it's durable enough to safely lock if you store it in a pocket.

— Anonymous

I have been using SABRE for many years and have seen the brand and company flourish. It is a product I don't leave the house without and I can always count on.

— Donna

...although I am fit, he was going to be a serious problem without pepper spray. I sprayed him easily in the face (even with his hands over his face to try and stop the spray) and it stopped him after about a second. He was still incapacitated for about an hour while the police were there. Done, no mas

— Rob

The top is easy enough to move to make the sprayer active, but stays locked even jostling around in my pocket and purse with other things.

— Jessica Payson

They will feel safer and you will worry less!

— Anonymous

I have told everyone I know to buy this pepper spray. 

— Katherine

Protect yourself. I got these for everyone in my family.

— RB

Bad guys beware!

— History

Ever since I first teamed up with SABRE [...] I've been carrying their pepper spray and can't say enough good things about the product.

— Caitlin Boyle, Healthy Tipping Point

As a businessman who travels a lot carrying important documents, I trust my safety with SABRE Red products. When they became available in my country, I immediately bought four canisters for my whole family. 

— Anonymous

All bike riders that ride alone should have one.

— Becky

I'm glad my family carries your product!

— Ed

I bought one of your pepper spray products, SABRE Red last week. Today I was on the Light Rail train and someone wanted to take my cell phone from me. I pulled out my SABRE pepper spray and told that person "no." He looked at the pepper spray can and walked away. I didn't even have to use it. I am glad I bought the larger can of pepper spray. I feel a lot safer with it. Thank you.

— Buddy

pepper gel testimonials


The actual gel is incredibly convenient as it comes with multiple key chain options, either for hanging on your keys or attaching to a book bag with a quick release option as well. Also, bonus points for making it pink and cute.

— Hope Racine, Literally, Darling

The Pepper Gel is a unique type of pepper spray. Its gel formula helps improve accuracy, while also preventing any wind blow-back.

— Emma Elise

I had not heard of pepper gel, but was happy to know that it has the same effect and would be easy for my daughter to access and deploy if in a dangerous situation. I would recommend this to any parent with a college aged child.

— Soxgochi83

You buy something, and you think you're never going to use it. Well, this is the best nonlethal protection a woman can have. I used it and it saved my life literally. It sprayed out a great distance. I did have to spray twice... Thanks for a product that works. I probably would not be here today if it had not worked, or would be very hurt.

— Minnie

This gel is potent.

— monkuboy

I'm confident of this product as opposed to [other brands] because so many law enforcement and college officials already use it. If it's good enough for them, it's certainly good enough for me.

— Betty

Being a gel product, the pepper is really trapped inside the gel - it goes right on the target and doesn't come back on you, so that's a brilliant idea.

— Bob

Not only is it cute, but it packs a punch and is designed for tight spaces. 

— cougs4life

I do like the fact this can be sprayed outdoors in windy conditions or in near encounters

— kitkat425

I also like that this is a gel formula, as the wind in our area ranges from breezy to hurricane and reducing blow-back even a little seems like a good idea.

— B. Caruso

It's very easy to push the mechanism down, and I feel like I can use it when I need it. The finger grips are great because you know that when you push it down, it's going the direction it should go.

— Melissa

We love pepper gel because it helps consumers who are apprehensive about pepper spray feel more comfortable protecting themselves. By reducing airborne particles, pepper gel offers a more approachable way for consumers to stay safe without fear of impacting any innocent parties, including themselves.

— David Nance, CEO/V.P. of Sales & Marketing, SABRE

Your new Flip Top Pepper Gel Canister for Seniors has the frontal grip already molded into the case and the key ring which I use around my small finger to ensure retention is mounted perfect. Flip Top is also a great improvement yet not bulky. This is a tremendous product and the Gel allows safer use in confined areas - perfect.

— Richard



This practice canister is a fantastic idea. I've never actually fired pepper spray so this allowed my wife and me to see exactly how the spray would work minus the burning. 

— Anonymous

[My wife] felt confident that she would be able to use her pepper spray properly and effectively after practicing with this one. Mission accomplished.

— G.

Good for practice, and you definitely want to know how to actually use a self defense tool before you really need it.

— Justin

It was nice to practice with an inert spray in order to get a feel for the effective range.

— Jimmy

It is crucial that anyone that might carry any form of tool for their protection and defense train with it and understand how to use it under stress. No different with pepper spray. And this practice canister allows you to practice and demonstrate safely.

— Justin

personal alarm testimonials


I swear it is as loud as my house alarm. It calls attention for help to scare off attackers and alert others in the area you need help.

— Jesica D'avanza, rUnladylike

It's LOUD and I feel better that my son has it attached to his backpack. He knows how to use it. Creepers beware!

— J.

The fob can be used as a key chain or attached to just about any strap on a backpack, purse or even a belt loop. The alarm is activated when the fob is pulled off the ring, which takes a determined effort. The resulting alarm is quite loud and very attention-getting.

— C.

It's enough to scare any person.

— Josue

So, so loud. It's SO loud. It's easy to use and easy to activate. I carry it on long runs. 

— Alison

This is really, REALLY loud, and has given my daughter some peace of mind at college. Not a substitute for being aware and not wandering out alone at night, but good added protection. Loud enough to hear over a loud party as well.

— J.

This SABRE Personal Alarm is very easy to use and is indeed quite loud. 

— Tai

dog spray testimonials


I carry this on bike rides. Two pit bulls chased me about 200 yards until I got the dog spray out of my pocket. One blast for each dog and within seconds they were rubbing their faces in the grass. 

— Larry

SABRE makes outstanding products. This Protector dog deterrent is superior to the other dog repellents on the market.

— CrimeFight2006

Those two now stay in their yard and bark at a distance when either of us are on our walks. 

— Charles

After my dog was recently attacked by another dog while on leash, I feel better knowing I can protect my dog from agressive dogs in the future.

— Kevin

The neighbors' dog is now doesn't approach my father-in-law when he's trying to open his own gate.

— Noel

I gave a stern no and told the dog to get out of here, it did not respond, I gave it one good squirt right in it's face and it turned immediately around and ran back the way it came. My dog and I turned around and went another way, needless to say I am a lifetime customer now.

— Jeremy

Great product! Use it as a security measure when walking my dog. Peace of mind is priceless.

— Edward

Bear spray testimonials


High quality! Perfect!

— Jim

Enter Frontiersman Bear Spray! This can of pure pain is absolutely essential for anyone venturing deep into bear country. This is a very humane way to deter our caniform friends while still giving ourselves an opportunity to run away. As an animal and nature lover, the last thing I want to do is cause harm to a creature I love. 

— Pip

It brings us a lot of peace of mind to have on backpacking and hiking trips.

— Samantha

I was recently awakened to the sounds of what turned out to be a large black bear that had broken through a garage window to get to my garbage cans. One brief spray and he dived right back out. 

— Anonymous

Five stars for the peace of mind that it will give me when on the mountain.

— G.R. 

home security testimonials


The doorstop had an anti-skid bottom, which also helps prevent an intruder from entering the room.

— Emma Elise

The home alarms are incredibly powerful and loud for their small size.

— Hope Racine, Literally, Darling

If anyone attempts to open the door from the outside, the [Door Stop Alarm] effectively wedges it shut, and makes it almost impossible to open the door fully. It also lets out a banshee like scream.

— Hope Racine, Literally, Darling

It's got everything a girl needs to stay safe if she's living on her own, either in a dorm room or her first apartment. The door alarm helps her sleep easy knowing that if anyone should try and break in the door, the alarm will sound and wake her up and also her neighbors while hopefully scaring off the perpetrator.

— Jennifer Cassetta

This thing is freakishly loud! Overall I am very satisfied. A+.

— Leo

The SABRE home security set is an effective and inexpensive way to secure my home. The 120-decibel alarm is super loud and will definitely scare anyone that opens an armed door or window. I'm a really sound sleeper and feel much safer knowing that no one can get into my house without me waking up.

— M.

Installation is super easy -- I did it all by myself.

— M.

I'm 100% happy with this set, I plan on ordering an additional 4-pack to secure my windows. 

— M.

Made of high quality. I really liked how easy it was to use and install. I love the additional settings the product offers. Great purchase, I feel like it's going to be reliable and makes me feel safe.

— S.

Very loud which is a great thing. 

— Ar'neka

This security alarm set is perfect for my new home. I love it.

— Tigon

There is not a whole heck of a lot that needs to be said about this one, it does what it says very well. I have the window alarms installed, and when triggered this thing will make your ears bleed and easily alert any passersby to the intruder entering your home.

— Colleen

The SABRE home security alarm set is exactly as advertised. A very cost effective way to deliver peace of mind. The system was extremely easy to install and works perfectly. Added security where you need it the most.

— Jada

Good quality product! 

— Desmond



Excellent product! Bought for my girlfriend and she loved it.

— Jason

Daughter feels much safer with this in her purse. 

— NPGabe

Now I feel much better walking out of my apartment at night.

— Ebony

Sure packs a punch.

— Marisa

My stun gun is perfect.

— Rose
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